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  • Thanks for expressing your interest to contribute to Tattoo Observer. If you own fresh, ingenious, and quality content related to the latest tattoo industry trends we will be glad to publish it on our platform. Tattoo Observer welcomes articles from all kinds of tattoo experts and writers.

    Acquire proficient insights in any of these topics? Would you like to be a part of our blogging platform to publish your well-researched, in-depth analyzed, and Enlighted articles? If yes, we would love to hear you from the following topics that commonly do very well in our blog:

    • Tattoos
    • Tattoo Models
    • Tattoo Ideas
    • Interviews with Tattoo Artists
    Ready to initiate writing? Following are our guidelines for prospective guest bloggers
    • Original & Unpublished Content
    • The article should be relevant and original.
    • Be sure to proofread & check the grammar thoroughly before submitting content.
    • Content should be of at least 1,000 words and well-encapsulated.
    • Kindly don’t submit articles if it is already published on your blog or somewhere else.
    Limit the use of external links We understand that the external source links are vital for an audience to understand your article from scratch but we at Tattoo Observer do not accept irrelevant and excessive external links included in your blog. We may eliminate external links or provide a no-follow link. Avoid Self-Advertising/ Promotions Please don’t append promotional content or links to your services or product. Content should be effective and captivating to the reader not self-serving. Perform copyright principles Please make sure any images used are either original or qualified for commercial use under a Creative Commons license. Include a source link to any third-party images uploaded to the content. Images of the imprecise origin or that violate copyright law will be detached prior to publication. Key Guidelines
    • Keep your articles well-polished and respectful to an audience.
    • Your article must have an introduction or brief explanation of the topic's contents.
    • Content should include a conclusion part.
    • Provide a reason or encourage our readers to read your article.
    • All the sources including images must be attributed and hyperlinked.
    • All external links in the published article would be no-follow
    Things to Avoid
    • Don’t cover topics that are already published in our blog
    • Do not provide any useless and meaningless insights in the article
    • We don’t accept combative or inaccurate posts
    • Avoid article spinning from any websites, blogs or portals
    • Any religion-specific/disputed content is rigidly prohibited
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

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