30 Stunning Diamond Tattoo Designs


Diamond Tattoo Designs. Do you want to “Shine Bright like a Diamond”? Well, we have a good news for you! No need to buy some expensive jewellery anymore, instead, you can just get a Diamond Tattoo! But be careful, because what Rihanna doesn’t sing in her song is that, if you have this tattoo, just make sure it does not appear like a real diamond because of the possibility that thieves might be attracted to it. 🙂

More seriously, a diamond tattoo is usually more of a tattoo for women than a tattoo for men. Possibly because women always want more diamonds and that men are always resisting the urge to buy any of them until they need to! 🙂 To help you in choosing the design that will make you shine brighter, we came up with 30 nice diamond tattoo designs for you to choose from.

The Best Diamond Tattoos:

1. Red Diamond

This is a simple, red-colored, diamond tattoo. You can have it anywhere you want.

30 Stunning Diamond Tattoo Designs

2. Hand Diamond Tattoo

How about a simple diamond tattoo on the hand?

30 Stunning Diamond Tattoo Designs

3. Diamond rings

You can hardly differentiate the diamond tattoo from the true rings on the fingers. Do you agree?

30 Stunning Diamond Tattoo Designs

4. Sparkling Diamond Tattoos

A colorful diamond tattoo is really cool to look at. It’s close to being realistic.

30 Stunning Diamond Tattoo Designs

5. Little Diamond Tattoos

How about having a diamond tattoo on your ring finger instead of a real one?

30 Stunning Diamond Tattoo Designs

6. Pink Diamond Tattoo Design

A pink-colored diamond tattoo on your chest might just be perfect for you.

30 Stunning Diamond Tattoo Designs

7. Diamonds and Arrows

Instead of a heart, Cupid’s arrow shot through a diamond. This is a unique but very cool design.

30 Stunning Diamond Tattoo Designs

8. A diamond tattoo with a crown can indeed make you a queen for a day, or for as long as you have it on you.

30 Stunning Diamond Tattoo Designs

9. When one diamond tattoo isn’t enough, how about having 3 of them?

30 Stunning Diamond Tattoo Designs

10. A tattoo with blue diamond, red lipstick, white pearl necklace and yellow high heels is a cool design for women.

11. blue diamond in old school tattoo lore represents transformation. turning something not beautiful into something beautiful.

Blue Diamond Tattoo

12. This is a very colorful diamond tattoo design. However, the tattoo artist might have a difficult time doing this because of its complexity.


13. A sweet tattoo a woman can have is a diamond design with the name of the guy she loves above it.

14. For those who are health conscious, a carrot diamond tattoo design will definitely fit you.

15. This is a heavy diamond tattoo on the hand. Talking about having a statement design!

16. A tattoo showing a diamond together with all other gems inside a clam.

17. A diamond tattoo with roses and a crown can be the total royal makeover.

18. A unique tattoo design of bleeding diamonds.

19. Instead of having the word LOVE spelled out, it would also be cool and unique to replace the letter “o” with a diamond.


20. For those who are looking forward to forever, then this tattoo is definitely for you.

21. This tattoo appears like getting a wound from the sharp end of a diamond.


22. A heart-shaped diamond tattoo is definitely a unique design.

23. This tattoo can help you fly to infinity and beyond!

24. A heavy anchor diamond tattoo design can really make a statement.

25. This is a very unique design which has the words “Shine on you crazy diamond”. Not many tattoos which have words shaped as a diamond are being used by people.

26. This tattoo shows the wrist bleeding because of being pierced by a diamond.

27. Red diamond + ribbon = Perfect combination

28. A diamond between the horns of a deer looks nice.

29. A tattoo of diamond with flowers around it looks amazing with all the colors on it.

30 Stunning Diamond Tattoo Designs

30. A tattoo of skull diamond with a ribbon and many more designs can be the real deal.

30 Stunning Diamond Tattoo Designs

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