Most Popular Arabic Tattoos


Arabic Tattoos are among the most ancient. and beautiful These tattoos come steeped in meaning. Many celebrities choose to get Arabic Tattoo, and for good meaning. Enjoy this list of the most popular Arabic Tattoos.

When it comes to tattoos, the easiest way to get across what you want is with the script.  However, sometimes, you also want something prettier, or cooler, than just words in Gothic-type font on your body.  Some people take this opportunity to have the message written in a foreign language.  Whether the language has something to do with the person’s heritage, or maybe they just think it’s pretty, many people have turned to Arabic to convey their messages.  Arabic writing is simply beautiful and, paired with a meaningful saying, can create one incredible piece of art. Here are a few of the best Arabic tattoos there are.

Here are our Arabic Tattoos:

33. Selena Gomez’s Arabic Tattoo

Selena Gomez Arabic Tattoo

Actress and Singer Selena Gomez is also sporting a small piece of Arabic wording just below her right shoulder blade.  It reads “love yourself.”  This is another example of how such a small work can have a big impact.  No matter what the paparazzi or anyone else says about her, she will have this constant reminder to herself.  Always love yourself first.

32. Angelina Jolie’s Arabic Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Arabic Tattoo

Arabic tattoos are so popular that even celebrities are getting in on the game.  Angelina Jolie has an Arabic script tattoo on her right arm that says “determination.”  The tattoo itself is a cover-up of an abstract piece she got with her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton.

Love Life

133 Most Popular Arabic Tattoos

With a more loose, abstract script, this tattoo still has a distinctly Arabic feel to it in the smooth lines and little dotted accents.  This one says “love” on the arm and “life” on the ribs.  I like how they are both so incredibly different and on two completely different parts of the body, but they still go together so well.

Add a background

133 Most Popular Arabic Tattoos

An incredibly popular place for tattoos is the forearm.  It is a large part of the body with a lot of visible canvas to work on.  In order to spice up some Arabic tattoos, a background can be added.  In this case that background is a scroll.  The scroll has a realistic, old feel to it which really makes this piece interesting to look at.  It really does look like an piece of an ancient manuscript. .

Follow the Stream

133 Most Popular Arabic Tattoos

An easy-lined script is, again, a beautiful way to convey a message.  This particular person is quite a water aficionado.  The script here reads “I love the river forever and always.”  Either this person is really into river sports, or the idea of the river calls to mind something with a deeper meaning for them.  The idea of putting the sentiment in Arabic script is a good one for people who may not actually care to share their love with others.  Tattoos are, after all, for the tattooed.

Love Yourself

133 Most Popular Arabic Tattoos

If you are not into getting somebody else’s name tattooed on you, even in another language, you can still enjoy Arabic tattoos.  Why not get your own name?  Surely you will not break up with yourself.  This person chose the back of the neck for placement of this neat piece.  I guess that way people behind him can know his name without asking.  In any case, the flow of this particular script makes for a pretty cool tattoo with the repeated lettering on either side of the middle piece.  Maybe his name is Peter?

Take it to the Limit

133 Most Popular Arabic Tattoos

A passion for something often translates into a really good tattoo theme.  Here is an abundance of Arabic writings, some in disconnected pieces and some strung together in rolling groups of cursive lettering.  The elongated lines on the biceps are interesting and, not being an Arabic speaker, I don’t know if they are parts of words or not.  The whole dedication to this collection is inspiring to see and I love how it is all done in black with some smaller designs worked into the rib cage.

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