Tattoo Artist Dillon Forte Talks Monotomic Gold Tattoos And His Eco-friendly Product Line


California artist Dillon Forte knows a thing or two about tattooing and art. With his passion for sacred geometry tattoo work, his clients from around the world seek out his unique tattoo skills and intricate, unique geometric designs. Recently, Forte has decided to put the golden touch on some of his clients by using very special ink that is infused with monoatomic gold.

From the hands who have recently tattooed Chris Hemsworth, Usher and Khelani, Dillon Forte is constantly pushing his own boundaries and is the first tattoo artist to combine the monoatomic gold’s bioavailability with tattoo ink on the human canvas.

What is the story behind monoatomic gold?

For thousands of years, people have valued gold for its medicinal and healing properties. The ancient Egyptian pharaohs believed that gold was of mystical power and as such represented the perfection of matter capable of physical and spiritual purification.

While also very beneficial, monoatomic gold has completely different physical properties than the metallic gold we all know. This gold is broken down into a white powder gold, which is also known as Ormus, it is then infused into the ink used on my tattoo clients.

Due to gold’s bioavailability and biologically benign nature along with its ability to boost the regulation of oxygen, aid in healing and maintaining body temperature, also helping improve blood circulation, destroy cancer cells, improve the body’s natural electromagnetic field, enhance mental acuity and emotional states. These capabilities can dramatically improve the immune system and overall functioning of the human body.

What are some of its believed health benefits?

While some ingest as a powder, I believe infusing in the ink fuses the gold and its properties with the body permanently. Some of the benefits could include improved mental clarity, brain function, organ function, cell regeneration and improved meditation. Many of my clients who get these types of tattoos are spiritual and gold is a very important element in our lives.

Tattooing as a medicinal practice has been found to exist as old 5,300 years ago on Ötzi the Italian mummy, who had 61 Iching tattoos on acupuncture points. As ancient as tattooing and gold healing modalities are, the use of colloidal and bioavailable gold in tattooing has only recently been combined for the absolute most discerning of my clients in all parts of the globe.

What was the first design you did using this monatomic gold?

The first design I incorporated monatomic gold into was an infinitely repeating pattern I designed following the laws of sacred geometry. The numerology and intention behind this design are personal to my client, and hold spiritual and symbolic significance to his unique human experience.

Can you tell us about the process of tattooing a client using this Ormus?

I utilize gold in its monatomic form as an alchemical tool of manifestation. However, like all great mystic traditions, the secrets of this ritual are left for the initiated. My intention is not for this to be replicated.

What other projects have you been up to?

I have been working on my newest tattoo studio in Southern California and have been busy running my current spot along with my other ventures. In 2020 I released a new line of eco-friendly tattoo products called Forte Tattoo Tech, which are basically supplies that tattoo artists use during the process but don’t fill up landfills. I also recently partnered with Inkbox for an awesome line of “for now” tattoos which are available online.

Please give us a snapshot of your background

I have been tattooing professionally for about 14 years and started off up in Oakland, California before opening my first Sri Yantra tattoo studio in 2012. A few years ago I opened a studio down in Southern California and I currently live/work in the LA area as well. My work for most of my career has focused on sacred geometry design and I’ve been very thankful to have a steady clientele. Most of my inspiration comes from ancient principles, geometric design and from my travels to cool places like Egypt and Nepal . You can check out more of my stuff over at

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