What tattoo ideas do people have for after the lockdown is over

Tanya Buxton Tattoo @tanya_buxton

People are dreaming of getting tattoos when the lock down is over.

Some people are also practicing themeselves to see what their tattoo might look like.

Tattoos can take on a whole new meaning.

Ah, just look at these cute dogs.

A nice arm tattoo…

Some creativity.

We all need some love. This is a lovely idea.

Some cuteness.

Some are looking at more cartoon options.

An of course there are those funny ideas…

An otter-matic weapon.

Doodling tattoo ideas for after this lockdown is over. from r/doodles

The lockdown has also brought out the dark side.

Spirit split. from r/doodles

Another funny idea from Breaking Bad.

Jesse, we need to brew! from r/doodles

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