What Tattoo Should I Get? A Guide to the Best Tattoos


Deciding on what tattoo you should get is never an easy task! If, like me, you have friends with some awesome tats, then like me you probably really want to get one yourself. But, like me you look at all the fantastic designs and crazy ideas your mates have and think “Which one should I get?” Don’t worry you’ve come to the right place and we’ll try to help you out.

What tattoo should I get?

There are literally millions of different tattoos out there. Probably more, but which one do you want? Over the course of the last few months, we’ve developed, at Tattoo Observer, some pretty amazing list of the best tattoos out there. We’ve gathered more than 500 different tattoos to help you determine what tattoo you should get! Here are just some of our lists:

Some other tattoo ideas

Besides our great lists above, here are some popular designs that you might like or that could potentially give you an idea of your own.


Either in English or exotic languages, writing things down on your body is a great way to make a point. If you love someone or something then you have the right to tell the world. Why not try something patriotic; “Born in the USA”, “Scotland Forever”, “It’s not much but it’s Milwaukee”? Share a joke with your mates every time they see the words “Working Stiff” written over your waist-line. Write your love in ink that will last forever; “Stacie”, “Johnny”, “Buttercup” or just good ol’ “Mom”. If you want to get something in Chinese though, make sure you know for sure what it means, don’t end up like the guy who went around with “I am full of crap” tattooed on his chest.

Sports team

If you’re a big sports fans then, getting a tattoo of your favorite team might be a good option for you. Obviously, getting a tattoo with a player’s name is rarely a good idea (aren’t they traded all the time?) but getting the team’s logo and colours might create the look you are looking for and get you on TV next time you go to a game if you show it off!


Another favourite; nothing says respect me better than having a full-size ostrich painted up your back. But the choice of animal must reflect you; you might feel like an ostrich one day but realize your true self is more of an emu the next. A lot of people go with birds, because they are small and easy to style; the swallow on the groin is common, as is the hawk on the shoulder, but just remember, if you don’t like birds, that’s ok too. Nobody’s gonna judge you if you get a yellow rubber duck!

Political Symbols

Your skin is a really cool way of voicing an opinion in a way that doesn’t require words. Paint the old stars and stripes over your bicep and you’ll never be asked where you’re from again.  Express your spiritual side with a cross, or your pirate side with a skull and cross-bones. Just make sure the tattooist knows what you want; otherwise you could end up with an oak rather than a maple leaf.

Bones and body bits

A skull. Doesn’t that sound sweet? Grinning up from your wrist? Or what about a skeletal hand around your waist, cause your death’s lady, right? Body parts and bones especially have real impact; what could be more terrifying than a skull with a snake coiled around it?

Which one are you gonna get?

These hardly cover all the possibilities when choosing your first tattoo. But hopefully they’ve given you some ideas; you could combine two ideas for something really unique? An anarchist ostrich? Someone’s name picked out in bones? There are no limitations to where your imagination could take you as you discover tattoos. Get your friends to think up ideas, check out online for cool or daring ideas, just make sure to look around before you go ahead and get it done. These things don’t rub off you know.

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